On this page you will find some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Can we view our loved one in the Chapel Of Rest?

Yes, we have private Chapels of Rest where you can view your loved one. We ask you to please telephone, to let us know when you will be coming so we can make sure everything is ready for you when you arrive.

Do I have to register the death before arranging the funeral?

No, you can arrange the funeral before you have registered the death. This is usual practice.

What is a cremation form?

When a funeral is a cremation, a Doctor must attend and complete a cremation form. If your loved one died at home or in a care home, the Doctor usually visits our Chapel of Rest to view the deceased and complete the cremation form. If the death has occurred in a hospital, the cremation form has to be completed before we can transfer your loved one to our Chapel of Rest. This usually takes 2-3 working days. We organise for this form to be completed on your behalf.

Am I able to put personal items into the coffin?

You can put personal items in the coffin, however, there are restrictions for cremation. Letters, cards and pictures are okay, but please speak to us prior to putting anything else into the coffin. Any items which are not permitted due to Crematorium regulations will be removed prior to sealing the coffin. There are no restrictions for burial.

What happens to any jewellery or items of value on the deceased?

The items can be left on the deceased, but if you wish to keep these we will place them into a jewellery pouch ready for your collection. Please collect before the funeral.

Funeral flowers for the funeral?

When ordering your flowers for the funeral, please instruct the florist to deliver the flowers to us 2 hours prior to the funeral time. If the funeral is taking place elsewhere in the country, we will require the flowers the afternoon prior to the funeral day.

Will the Minister/Civil Celebrant contact us?

Yes, they will contact you once the funeral has been arranged to make an appointment to visit you. The Minister/Civil Celebrant will then go through content of the funeral service with you.

Can a family member or friend give a eulogy?

Yes, please inform the Minister/Civil Celebrant as they will need to know. A eulogy is to provide comfort and closure by sharing why the person was well loved and why they will be missed. The most memorable are brief and to the point, approximately 3 minutes.

How many people can be seated in the limousine(s)?

In each limousine there is room for 7 passengers, 6 of the passengers are seated in the rear compartment whilst the 7th is seated in the front passenger seat beside the driver.

Does the limousine(s) take you home or to the wake after the funeral?

Yes, the limousine(s) will take you to the funeral and then onto wherever you wish to go, within the local area.

If the funeral is at the Crematorium, where do the family vehicles that are following the funeral cortege park?

The vehicles will be directed into the car park by the Funeral Director.

How do we know what to do at the funeral?

On the day of the funeral, the Funeral Director is there to help and guide you, your family and your friends.

How long is the funeral service at the Crematorium?

The actual service time is 25 minutes (the same as a standard Church service).

If the funeral is at the Crematorium what happens to the funeral flowers?

The flowers will remain in the display area for 4 days. Normally people leave them in the display area as a remembrance of their loved one. Alternatively, you can collect the flowers at your convenience within the 4 days following the funeral.

Does the coffin itself go into the cremator?

Yes, there are strict laws regarding cremation. Everything inside and outside of the coffin stays exactly the same as you see it in the Crematorium Chapel, apart from the floral tributes which have to be removed.

Is each cremation carried out individually?

Yes, the identity of the coffin nameplate is checked by the Cremator Operator before it is placed in the cremation chamber. Each chamber can only hold one coffin at a time.

Do I get the cremated remains of my loved one?

Yes, throughout the cremation procedure the remains are clearly identified and there is no possibility of any mix-up. If you are in any doubt about the cremation procedure, please do not hesitate to contact the Crematorium, where they will be happy to arrange a time to show you around if you wish.

How soon can I collect the cremated remains after the funeral?

If you have chosen this option, you will be able to collect your loved ones cremated remains from us 2-3 working days after the funeral.

Who else might I need to notify when someone has died?

When someone dies you may need to contact a wide variety of organisations to inform them of the death. Below is a list of some of the organisations you might need to contact. In some cases, they may require a death certificate. Those marked with an * are notified by the ‘Tell Us Once’ service which you can do once you have registered the death:-


Benefits Agency*

Blue badge*

Building society

Child’s school/childcare provider

Concessionary bus pass

Council tax*

Credit card companies



DVLA – driving licence*


Hospital clinics

Household insurance

Inland Revenue*

Internet provider



Life assurance


Motoring insurance

Motoring breakdown policy


Pension plans

Post office

National Savings & Investments

Private health care provider

Social services *


TV license authority


Vehicle registration.

Please see Registering A Death for more information.

How do I put a thank you (acknowledgement) notice in the newspaper?

Should a ‘Thanks Notice’ be required in the newspaper, ideas can be found in the local newspaper under the ‘Acknowledgements’ section. You can let us have your notice and we can place this in on your behalf, or you can place it in direct with the newspaper via the newspaper website.


A kind friendly, caring company. Staff are lovely and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble. Excellent service and great communication with no worries as everything taken care of. They made everything flow with ease at such a difficult time. Thanks.

Sue Baldry