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  1. Scott, I’ve just learn of your passing. Sir, it was an absolute pleasure getting to know you, albeit a short time, but you will be treasured & remembered in my heart forever. You were driven with an incredible passion for creativity, wrapped up with a great sense of humour to boot! I am so very proud to have your ‘webwork’ for the whole World to see & admire.

    Rest In Peace dear chum X

    ‘Bonks’ Burge

    Carl Burge
  2. Scott, you became part of our family through your time spent with Tatiana, that will never change.

    We are so proud of you taking the plunge all those years ago, with changing your career from Aviva to your true career direction of creativeness in web development – and Wow – you’ve acheived and produced some great top level work.

    Although we havent seen you for some years, We’re all so grateful you chose and managed to meet up and spend a last but lovely pocket of time with all of our family recently. You will always remain in our memories and our hearts with love.

    Lucinda, Nick, Zach & Tatiana Reddyhoff

    Lucinda Reddyhoff
  3. Was great to have known such a loving, caring and funny young man! God bless sweetheart xxx

    Lisa @ Mark Doubleday (parents of Carl Holiday)
  4. I’m gonna miss you dude, we had some good times growing up! Even just driving around in your first car and dropping me off at work are memories I will always hold dear. I will always be proud of our work on Her Word For Hope, upsetting we can never play those songs again, but I’m grateful I was able to create those songs with you. Rest in peace bro.

    Tony Sharman


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  1. Thank you for all the teenage memories, Scott. I’m so glad we got to do this shoot and have a good catch up. Xxxxx

  2. Scott by Toby Fowlkes

    Lucinda Reddyhoff
  3. another great portrait of Scott

    Lucinda Reddyhoff
  4. More lovely portrait photos by Toby Fowlkes of Scott

    Lucinda Reddyhoff
  5. I love this portrait of Scott taken by Toby Fowlkes

    Lucinda Reddyhoff
  6. Was such a pleasure to have known such a loving, caring and funny young man! God bless sweetheart xxx

    Lisa & Mark Doubleday (parents of Carl Holiday)
  7. I find myself remembering the laughs we had together on a daily basis. I miss you so much, I’m grateful that I was able to be a part of your life and I’ll treasure the memories forever!

    Love you always brother! x

    Carl Holiday