Payment Terms

The final invoice will be posted approximately 1 week after the funeral and payment is to be made within 28 days of invoice date. The invoice will show any payments already made and the balance due.

There are several ways to pay:
  • Preferred payment via BACS (online transfer)
  • By credit/debit card over the phone or in our office
  • With cheque (this can be a personal cheque or, if you present our final invoice along with the death certificate at the bank, most will print out a cheque from the deceased’s account)

There is no VAT on funeral costs.

If the invoice is to be paid by someone other than the person instructing, liability for any outstanding balance still lies with the person instructing. Forwarding the final invoice to another person or party will not discharge liability. The person instructing remains liable to us until full payment is received.

If you are struggling to fund your funeral we have finance options available that will help ease the payments. Please click link below.