Cremation Caskets & Urns

Cremation Caskets, Scatter Tubes & Urns

We have a variety of different Cremation Caskets, Scatter Tubes & Urns available.

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What to do:

Please let us know what urn you would like so we can order this on your behalf. We will place your loved ones remains into the urn ready for your collection.

Some examples below:

Solid Oak Casket with engraved nameplate (plate not shown)

Available in two sizes (one or two adults)

Scattering Tube – Bluebell
Scattering Tube – Woodland
Scattering Tube – Sunset
Scattering Tube – Sunflower
Scattering Tube – Poppies
Scattering Tube – Shed
Scattering Tube – Dove
Scattering Tube – Rainbow
Scattering Tube – Moon
Scattering Tube – Roses
Scattering Tube – Forget-Me-Not
Scattering Tube – Butterfly
Scattering Tube – Golf
Scattering Tube – Cricket
Scattering Tube – Tennis
Scattering Tube – Balloon
Scattering Tube – Teddy
Urn – Classics – Gold
Urn – Wings of Hope – Lavender
Urn – Classic Radiance – Pewter
Urn – Tribute – Butterfly
Heart – Nirvana Adieu
Tealight – Flying Doves (candle not included)
Urn – Stainless Steel – Lotus Flower
Urn – Ceramic – Celest
Urn – Picture Wooden (MDF) – Black

Both Nichola and Peter at Thornalley have been fantastic from first enquiry to the day of the funeral itself. From the sensitive handling of my initial call, to making it easy for me to go through the list of decisions to make, to answering any questions however small and always being available on the phone, to the very professional and gentle handling of my mum on the day of the funeral with carrying her into the chapel and touching base with me re next steps. Don't know why you'd contact anyone else in the West Norfolk area, I didn't need to.

Talitha Smith